We open up your world with every drive!

This is the core of what Inalfa is about – enabling all drivers and passengers to experience more fresh air and natural light and have a greater connection to the outside world.

Creating this experience can only be done with a team that collaborates and addresses challenges by bringing great minds together. Building a dream car begins with building a dream team.

We are in it to win it!

At Inalfa we are proud to work on innovative solutions for the automotive industry. We have over 5,000 people today serving the world’s largest automotive brands with products that are visible in cities and countryside streets every day.

To win in this challenging environment, we aim to improve ourselves every day and perform at the highest level by setting clear goals, taking initiative, and working as one team to reach those goals.

Ready to shift gears?

Are you also curious about the opportunities that lie at the crossroads of emerging car manufacturers and consumer needs, innovative technologies in mobility, in-vehicle designs and in business dynamics?

Are you ready to take on challenges? Are you courageous and ambitious and open to take inspiration from the world around us? In that case, you can make a difference!