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Five reasons to choose Inalfa for your internship

At Inalfa Roof Systems we are always looking for fresh bright minds to bring new ideas and vision into the company. What better way to do this than by offering internships. At Inalfa we feel that taking in the next generation of professionals, is an investment into the future. An internship at Inalfa is not only beneficial to us, the lessons learned will prove to be a valuable asset in your future career. The opportunities for students are as wide as the sky. Here are five reasons why choosing Inalfa for your internship not only makes sense, but is a brilliant step for your career.



#1           Start building your professional network

During your internship you will meet an incredible amount of new people, some of them might have the connections which can help you further up your professional career path


#2           Step up your own game

In your period as an intern you will learn many new hard and soft skills you will never be taught at university.  It can be busy and a steep learning curve, but the knowledge you will have at the end will be a valuable asset to yourself.


#3           Design it yourself

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes down to designing your internship. Apart from a set of tasks inherent to the position, you will be able to take on additional tasks and assignment that suit your interest and skills


#4           Not just an intern

At Inalfa you are not just the inter. Getting coffee or running errants is not your main task. You are here to learn and we are there to help you learn. Even though most of us like coffee, we all take turns getting it from the local machine.


#5           Excellent conditions

Our Headquarters is located ideally next to the highway and has reliable train connections to Venlo and Nijmegen. Our brand new office is equipped with all modern amenities and a well-stocked cafeteria. We offer compensation for your travels and have competitive pay.


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