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Innovate to create dream driving experiences

Inalfa Roof Systems and innovation go hand in hand. Practical visions with feasibility, workability, economic viability and a true WOW factor incorporated. Engineering that surprises and delights is what characterizes innovation at Inalfa. To define the leading edge of advances in vehicle roof system technology. It is our goals to surprise and satisfy the OEM’s on a daily basis and to exceed their expectations. All this, whilst making sure the dream driving experience is there for the future car owner.


Anticipation of future requirements, creativity and to be proactive are key in our innovative engineering department. Our engineering department is constantly on the hunt for new technologies and means of production. It is essential to be ahead of the competition and in touch with our customers on the technology they foresee. Our engineers are therefore undertaking technology scouting, end-user focus groups and market data and trend analysis. It is key to keep an open minded attitude, this way you see the opportunities instead of problems; results, rather than risks, and solutions that are beyond the obvious. What is not invented yet, we will invent. In this dynamic automotive industry one simply cannot stand still and innovation is crucial for a sustainable existence.


If being innovative makes you happy, and working to become the number one in the industry motivates you, then start applying by looking for your ideal job in our engineering department on the link found below.


We are Inalfa, and it’s our spirit that makes the difference!

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