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as wide as the sky

Inalfa serves all major OEMs across the globe, producing a variety of roof systems to ensure dream driving experiences for owners of the most desirable cars. We are expanding rapidly, which means opportunities for you to make a difference!

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Inalfa is evolving from a mid-sized company to a global group. This means more career opportunities for bright minds wherever we have a footprint in the world. To meet the demand and build our future organization, our global Inalfa Academy aims to speed up the learning process of our employees and develop our potential.

As an Inalfa Roof Systems employee, quality is your constant focus

You can imagine how high our customers’ expectations must be; they produce the finest cars in the world, so our roof systems have to match some seriously high standards!  At Inalfa the emphasis is constantly on quality. To work and thrive in this dynamic environment, you need to be flexible enough to adopt new, more efficient ways of doing things, you must be able and committed to work with processes and systems, and you should always focus on the customer first.

Feel appreciated for making a difference

But it is not only hard work! It is important for us to provide employees with a pleasant working atmosphere. And it is even more important to maintain this atmosphere together. We want our employees to share a sense of belonging, of camaraderie and the feeling that everyone is appreciated and heard. After all, it’s our spirit that makes the difference!

We invest in long-term careers. Therefore we stimulate growth, and encourage self-development. It is important to us to support a healthy life/work balance. This is how we keep our consistent focus on quality a sustainable way of life.

You will find that we foster creativity, welcome new ideas and provide opportunities for you to make a meaningful difference. You will be encouraged to have your say and influence the way we get things done. Practically seamless interaction between departments means short loops, quick decision-making, high dynamics – and wide-open global development opportunities.