Inalfa Roof Systems is working hard to become the number one in the industry. We strive to be the employer of choice and therefore take this opportunity to highlight some of the things which make us stand out from our competition. Here are five reasons to boost your career at Inalfa Roof Systems:



#1           Join the innovation leader

With over 600 patents, 15.000m2 of engineering floor space and a dedicated R&D department budget of 85 million Inalfa truly does lead the Sun Roof industry in Innovation


#2           Be part of the strongest growing automotive supplier

We are the preferred supplier to the automotive industry with 4 million (!!) roof systems delivered to OEM’s annually. This staggering amount is made possible through the joint effort of all our departments and production to ensure our position as the preferred supplier to over 40 different vehicle brands.


#3           Work with the best talent in the world

Inalfa currently employs 4500 full time employees with 450 engineers in our dedicated engineering offices worldwide. Our global footprint consists of 17 locations all working seamlessly together to create the ultimate driving experience.


#4           Be involved from idea to end product

At Inalfa, we are lucky to be able to have the full life cycle in-house. From concept to implementation with prototyping, validation and many things more happening within our walls and with our dedicated people. In the end we deliver a complete package, plug and play, to the end customer.


#5           Bright minds, open opportunities

We want to grow and we need bright minds to do so. We invest in our people, not only on the short run but on the long run as well. With the newly launched people performance management we actively support our employees in reaching their goals.
We are Inalfa, and it’s our spirit that makes the difference.

Founded in 1946, Inalfa first started as a dynamic production and trade company in ironmongery and consumer goods. Through the years Inalfa kept innovating from consumer goods to copier and automotive parts. In the seventies and eighties Inalfa quickly developed into a multinational with a dedication to producing the best roof systems for the automotive industry, and is still doing so at this very moment.


Founded originally in the Dutch city of Utrecht by Mr. J.A.M. Burgman, Inalfa was initially a manufacturer of knitting needles, stair-rods and curtain rods from aluminum, which was the logical and cheaper material, compared to copper,  in the after war years in the Netherlands. The name Inalfa comes from this very material and means: Industrie van Aluminium Fabricaten (Industry of Aluminum Fabricates). Due to the Dutch government granting subsidies to companies which relocated to the then economical backwaters of the Netherlands, Inalfa decided to move to Venray, a place we now call home.


Slowly but surely experience in the different aspects and applications of aluminum manufacturing increased. In 1974 chance came when Inalfa decided to commit itself to producing roof systems for the passenger vehicles market. Initially, Inalfa produced these sunroofs for Jaguar and Rover but later expanded its business to brands such as Chrysler, Volvo, Fiat and Saab and adding many more over the years.  The era between 1985 and 2002 saw the globalization of Inalfa Roof Systems, which then expanded into the United States, Brazil, South Korea, France, Japan and The United Kingdom. In 2005 Inalfa entered China and introduced global standardization of its products. From 2005 onwards Inalfa also focused on its core business only… roof systems.  In 2011 Inalfa gained new ownership by the Chinese company Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts (BHAP), which facilitated more possibilities in the Chinese market. Following that are years of revenue growth and an increasing global footprint. Exiting times are up ahead when we plan to realize our goal of becoming the #1 innovative leader in the industry when it comes to roof systems.


What has stood central through all these years are our people. Their individual growth has directly impacted our company as a whole and programs such as people performance management plans to take their growth to the next level. Recently, our headquarters was upgraded with new greenery and a new and improved atrium, offering a more relaxed atmosphere for meetings and visits.


We are Inalfa and it’s our spirit that makes the difference!

Individual components coming together to create a driving experience unlike no other.

Aleksandar recently joined the Inalfa team in Venray, the Netherlands. He is now working in the quality department as Advanced Project Quality Engineering. Quality is everything at Inalfa and we are therefore happy to have the finest quality engineers at Inalfa. Today, Aleksandar shares some of his experiences and motivations for quality with us.


During his studies, Aleksandar became fascinated with quality because of a subject on problem solving tools in his engineering study course. For Aleksandar the key factor for choosing the path of quality was his introduction to Toyota Quality systems, which for him had a true WOW factor. After a diversion into commercial waste water treatment and other automotive companies, he found his way towards the quality department at Inalfa. What is most interesting to Aleksandar, is the direction of quality which involves different departments working together to address issues which plague multiple divisions. Working with the Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA), which helps to evaluate potential failures in a process is of particular interest to Aleksandar. The process does not stop when our sunroofs enter production. It is rather an ongoing process with new potential risks and opportunities throughout the life cycle of a sun roof.


With Aleksandar at hand, the quality department now consists of around 60 employees all working tirelessly in perfecting our roof systems with passion and dedication. Curious for a career in Quality?? Have a look at the link below for our current opportunities

Inalfa Roof Systems and innovation go hand in hand. Practical visions with feasibility, workability, economic viability and a true WOW factor incorporated. Engineering that surprises and delights is what characterizes innovation at Inalfa. To define the leading edge of advances in vehicle roof system technology. It is our goals to surprise and satisfy the OEM’s on a daily basis and to exceed their expectations. All this, whilst making sure the dream driving experience is there for the future car owner.


Anticipation of future requirements, creativity and to be proactive are key in our innovative engineering department. Our engineering department is constantly on the hunt for new technologies and means of production. It is essential to be ahead of the competition and in touch with our customers on the technology they foresee. Our engineers are therefore undertaking technology scouting, end-user focus groups and market data and trend analysis. It is key to keep an open minded attitude, this way you see the opportunities instead of problems; results, rather than risks, and solutions that are beyond the obvious. What is not invented yet, we will invent. In this dynamic automotive industry one simply cannot stand still and innovation is crucial for a sustainable existence.


If being innovative makes you happy, and working to become the number one in the industry motivates you, then start applying by looking for your ideal job in our engineering department on the link found below.


We are Inalfa, and it’s our spirit that makes the difference!

View all of our current engineering vacancies below:


At Inalfa Roof Systems we are always looking for fresh bright minds to bring new ideas and vision into the company. What better way to do this than by offering internships. At Inalfa we feel that taking in the next generation of professionals, is an investment into the future. An internship at Inalfa is not only beneficial to us, the lessons learned will prove to be a valuable asset in your future career. The opportunities for students are as wide as the sky. Here are five reasons why choosing Inalfa for your internship not only makes sense, but is a brilliant step for your career.



#1           Start building your professional network

During your internship you will meet an incredible amount of new people, some of them might have the connections which can help you further up your professional career path


#2           Step up your own game

In your period as an intern you will learn many new hard and soft skills you will never be taught at university.  It can be busy and a steep learning curve, but the knowledge you will have at the end will be a valuable asset to yourself.


#3           Design it yourself

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes down to designing your internship. Apart from a set of tasks inherent to the position, you will be able to take on additional tasks and assignment that suit your interest and skills


#4           Not just an intern

At Inalfa you are not just the inter. Getting coffee or running errants is not your main task. You are here to learn and we are there to help you learn. Even though most of us like coffee, we all take turns getting it from the local machine.


#5           Excellent conditions

Our Headquarters is located ideally next to the highway and has reliable train connections to Venlo and Nijmegen. Our brand new office is equipped with all modern amenities and a well-stocked cafeteria. We offer compensation for your travels and have competitive pay.


Find out more about our internship on the following page:

She is now in the final phase of her Internship at Inalfa Roof Systems in Venray, but is sure to leave a lasting impression in the HR department. Natascha (21) is a student human resources at the HAN in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She learned about Inalfa not only from driving past the impressive building along the highway but also from a lecture in which a then HR intern drew her attention to Inalfa. He told her about the many different opportunities he has as an intern and how he could really design his own internship within the HR department. Natascha did not hesitate and applied. She got a call the next day, an interview a short while after and the day after she was hired as the new HR Intern.


Natascha took the reins right from the start and arranged to meet everybody in the department in her first week at Inalfa. She felt that this was the right step to do to ensure a good working atmosphere and no awkward first days. The HRM Internship has been manned by interns for a long time by the time she started. The benefit of this already established position was that the workload basis was clearly defined and therefore easy to start with. She started with the small things and thanks to her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn she quickly took on more tasks. One of her first tasks were the walk-in hours of human resources in which she was the contact person for any problem or trouble which might have arisen in the business. “The central position within the company really appealed to me, together with the fact conducting these walk-in hours really made learn the tricks fast.”


Ten months later and she is now completely comfortable in her position. Shortly after her first steps as an intern, she got into contact with the  sick reports and arranging the celebrations of jubilees. She was able to do more than what was expected of her and constantly grew by taking on new challenges and tasks. It was up to her to decide how much weight she wanted to lift. Natascha feels that she could really design her own internship according to her likes and aspirations incorporating many different aspects of human resource management. When looking at future possible opportunities, she expresses positively. “Having an internship this broad has made me realise certain things about myself, what I want and what I aspire. I have seen positions in HR that I would definitely like to do, such as HR Business Partner or a position in Recruitment.” In the end she added that it really depends on yourself and what you would like to achieve as an Intern. With the proper attitude your opportunities really are as wide as the sky.

Their last name is the same, their passion to work for Inalfa as well. A duo interview with these 2 men about their work and each other.

Franklin has been working for 29 year with Inalfa. He has worked in the Cutting department, Pressing, Warehouse, Production and now works as a proto engineer at the Proto department. In all these years, next to his work, he did many trainings and studied to improve himself to facilitate his growth within Inalfa

Mickey is now with Inalfa for almost 5 years. He started -while still doing his study of mechanical engineering- to work with Inalfa during the holidays. That was mainly in the proto department and measuring chamber. After this study, he continues with industrial product designer. This all led to a perfect combination of knowledge and practice and as a logical step a job at Inalfa. Today Mickey is a Junior CAD design leader, so leads his colleagues and has daily contact with many of Inalfa’s departments such as the sales design team, quality, proto, measuring room and Global competence center (Advanced Engineering).

The biggest challenge and related success that Franklin can remember is a project of Mercedes; a small van called the VS20. It contains the biggest roof system that Inalfa ever delivered. Franklin faced a great challenge to gather all the components, assemble them in 4 days, drive it to the customer and place it in the vehicle. It matched perfectly and the customer was satisfied. That is a memory he will never forget.

For Mickey the biggest FUN factor and the most satisfying for him is the experience of new product development: from the basics to something that can be manufactured into a good design. “To make something out of nothing” so to say. All of this while keeping in mind the cost aspect as well.Costs are becoming more and more of a crucial factor in the process. To make changes or repairs once a product is has entered production, entails a load of extra costs. Also often parts of the process have to be done within a time limit, which might result in a situation that it is not yet as ideal as would be the case in which more time could be devoted on the design, drawing and prototyping. In order to keep up quality, we should ask for that extra time and not only listen to OEM’s and suppliers. We are the experts in making sun roofs and know how to deliver our hallmark quality.

For Franklin the FUN factor goes hand in hand with the challenge of perfecting the roof system. He is always on the lookout for process improvements to prototyping and the end product. He thinks in solutions and of small changes to shape the product even better. Thanks to his hobby of collecting and modelling cars he especially geared towards this.

If ‘Senior’ had to describe his son in relation to Mickey’s work and career, he would describe him as ambitious, pursuing his goals, is always polite and respectful to others and speaks his mind. The other way around ‘Junior’ gives his father the qualification of thinking in solutions, being very creative and sometimes slightly headstrong.

When they are off work, they share updates with each other such as how a specific issues were resolved. After that, work is set aside and other topics such as Formula 1 are discussed.

The trainees recently completed our 3 month Academy training program in Venray and to date, they are the most international group, with trainees from China, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Mexico and USA.

After 12 weeks of workshops, full of theory & practice (Learning by Doing), reflecting & networking, the trainees have gained significant knowledge, skills and behavioral understanding to bring back into the real world workplace.

The Academy staff would like to congratulate the trainees for their hard work / dedication to learning and would like to thank all the Inalfa Specialists who supported the design and delivery of the training program modules.

In 2017, the Academy direction is re-focused to deliver many workshops to our R&D and Operations teams around the world and also to develop several training programs for specific functional and leadership areas.

On November 3rd Inalfa Roof Systems has signed the new collaboration agreement with ACE and confirmed her commitment for the next 3 years. Inalfa is one of the leading automotive companies who will be intensifying the cooperation with ACE and the automotive academies in the coming years. Because of the improving economy and the turbulent developments in the automotive sector, there is a continuous growing need for automotive engineers. Together with 3 automotive academies, companies are restarting the cooperation with the aim to educate more and better students, improve education and reinforce research.

Other leading companies already took this step:
Arval, Bosch Transmission Technology, DAF Trucks, Hyster-Yale, Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe, Nooteboom Trailers, Pon, Sensata and the VDL groep have extended their partnership in 2016 as well. Also new partners such as Punch Powertrain, Valeo, VB-Airsuspension and B-style have a close collaboration via ACE in terms of the automotive education. The current number of ACE preferred partners is now 14.

Because of the improving economy and the turbulent developments in the automotive sector, there is a continuous growing need for automotive engineers. This does not only relate to the complexity of cars itself, but also the link between the cars, the connection between cars and their environment and finally because of the ongoing pressure to produce in a cost efficient manner. This all leads to the situation that the need for this type of engineers stays high. The industry needs more automotive engineers who are capable of understanding and interpreting the complex challenges in the area of concepts of transportation, sustainability and technology. As well as engineers who are capable of working in teams with other professionals to come to professional solutions.

ACE is a partnership of 3 Dutch automotive academies (Hogeschool Arnhem/Nijmegen, Fontys Hogescholen en Hogeschool Rotterdam) working together with the business. The mutual aim is the following: more and better students, better education and knowledge development by means of research. ACE has the goal to create synergy in the area of the quality of education, structural cooperation with the business, integration of business assignments within the institute of education, talent program, improvement of inflow, reduction of students ceasing their education and creating of new research activities.