engineer and validate

Together, the talented people of the Innovation, Engineering and Validation departments help turn ideas into dream driving experiences for car owners.

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Find your perfect role in one of these three key departments

To thrive in the competitive automotive industry, innovation is essential. At Inalfa, innovation is so important that we have an entire department devoted to it. To realize the vision of the Innovation Department staff, the Engineering Department utilizes many technologies and specialist skills, all of which must be in line with the high standards demanded by the Validation Department.


“Innovate to create dream driving experiences”

Your role is that of a practical visionary: your ideas must be feasible, workable, economically viable and WOW!

Engineering that surprises and delights
Innovation at Inalfa means engineering the WOW! factor. You will be defining the leading edge of advances in vehicle roof systems. Your ultimate and daily goal is to surprize and satisfy the OEM, while ensuring a dream driving experience for the future car owner.

Technical and creative
Technical skills and creativity are key. So is the ability to think pro-actively and anticipate the customer’s requirements. You need to consider technical, commercial and strategic factors to develop feasible designs that tick all the boxes of quality, cost, time, functionality and market trends.

Deliver the WOW! factor daily
It is essential to remain abreast of the technologies the customers themselves foresee. To stay ahead, you will undertake technology scouting, conduct end-user focus groups and analyze market data and trends. Always keeping an open mind, you will see opportunities instead of problems; results, rather than risks and solutions that are beyond the obvious. If it does not exist, you will invent it yourself. Innovation is not only fun; it is crucial for remaining sustainable in this dynamic industry. If being innovative keeps you happily challenged, you will play a vital role in keeping us at the forefront.


“From theory to reality – through focus, precision and scientific proof”

Exceed our customers’ expectations by turning bright ideas into great looking, high-performance solutions that are of the specified quality, at the right cost and ready in time. Does this sound like your kind of role?

Putting every engineering technology to work
In the Engineering Department your function is clear cut: to translate customer expectations into tangible roof system designs that meet the targets of quality, cost and timing. Your work will involve many different disciplines; to produce excellent car roof systems, we use every material that is in the car itself, except the combustion engine!

Improve by reducing time and effort
You will front-load new concepts and come up with methods to improve the engineering capability and cut development time. By enhancing our virtual design and validation processes based increasingly on scientific proof, you will invent ways to reduce the engineering effort needed to achieve results. Your attention to detail will contribute to eliminating loopbacks after launch.

A stimulating, rewarding environment
In the Engineering Department you will become familiar with many different technologies. You will enjoy frontline contact with the customers and learn to understand their real-world wants and needs. By collaborating with component suppliers you will ensure everything is according to specification. You and a team of energetic, like-minded colleagues will be part of the process of making a difference to the end-user’s driving experience.


“Validation is the conscience of design”

Your integrity assures the integrity of every roof system we produce. Your work ethic will help ensure we get better at being the best in our industry. Up for the challenge?

More virtual testing, more reliable simulations
Applying solid design theory and hands-on testing to determine the integrity of every Inalfa design will be your focus. Increasingly, the emphasis is on virtual testing using CAE tools and on achieving models and simulations that mimic reality as closely as possible.

Reduce cost, optimize processes
Validation is intensive, thorough and stringent; you will be testing against the customer’s specifications, a set of strict legal requirements and Inalfa’s own rigorous engineering standards. The goal is to optimize the validation process, so you will be expected to help innovate and streamline procedures by reducing the number of physical tests to verify the design more quickly, against lower costs, with earlier failure detection.

Take responsibility
Working during the early design phases on CAE, or later on in the process inside the specialized test lab of the Validation Center, you will be in continuous communication with the Production and Engineering departments. You will provide them with vital feedback for improving the sunroof design and perfecting production. Taking ownership of what you do is crucial: Validation is the conscience of design. In this department you will answer for the integrity of every design you test. When you see that shiny luxury car cruising down the road with its sunroof open, you will know in your heart: “That’s our roof system!”