Your development

ensures a sustainable future

In this dynamic field, technology is constantly changing. Learning keeps us ahead of the curve. It ensures the sustainability of our organization and of our workforce. Inalfa can only grow as fast as its people. That is why we strive for an environment where people are healthy, qualified, energized and motivated.

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By creating a culture of continuous learning and encouraging on-going skills development we ensure a confident, capable workforce and a future-ready company of professionals. A culture of sharing experiences, living the Inalfa Values and creating One Inalfa – a Winning Team. Through active – deliberate – learning and development we realize excellence in our business.

Your own, custom-designed development plan will guide your career growth

At Inalfa, you do not choose a job; you choose a career. Your development plan is created to suit your interests and matches our company goals. It is used to steer you along your career path so that you can realize your full potential through living our Inalfa values.

When you join Inalfa, an introduction program welcomes you. You will complete several phases during your journey of development. Each phase requires its own program or tooling. We will facilitate your training and coaching and will review your progress at several evaluation moments during the year. We believe in a culture of continuously stimulating growth, assessing your development and giving feedback. We will adjust the training to be appropriate for your specific situation.

Inalfa Academy: Your professional development is part of the strategy

The Inalfa Academy enables global learning activities and training programs at Inalfa Roof Systems worldwide.

To meet the challenges of our rapid expansion and stay ahead of the curve in a competitive industry, we are developing a culture of learning inside Inalfa. Becoming and remaining an innovation leader (developing new products, methods and ideas) takes a tremendous amount of on-the-job learning as well as classroom learning. Our Inalfa Academy will secure our future as far as talent development is concerned.

The Academy’s 3-month post-graduate development program qualifies new engineers from around the world to work autonomously in the organization. The intensive program of 50+ training modules exposes newly recruited engineers to “learn by doing” workshops, led by a combination of business, technology, engineering and personal development specialists.

In the coming years, the Academy’s scope will expand rapidly. It will become our corporate university. Its learning offerings are aligned to a clear process of people development.

The goal is to ensure that the business has the right people, with the right competences, in the right place at the right time and that changing business capability needs are met.