Aim higher,

streamline production

The Operations Department is where the efforts of every department come together to materialize sophisticated roof systems that will ensure dream driving experiences for the future car owner.

Working at Inalfa_16
“Produce roof systems of the highest quality, in a safe environment, on time and at the lowest cost”

The daily challenge: develop the production processes and the entire Product Creation Program to a higher level, minimizing complaints, eliminating mistakes, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies in the way we work.

Act fast

In Operations, you need to be bright and wide-awake: should a problem be detected on a production line, your quick response could contain its effect and prevent expensive wastage. You will not only see to it that the production lines run smoothly; the entire value chain from supplier to production to customer needs to flow seamlessly as well. Here too, is where your timely and constant interventions will be crucial to ensure continuous improvement in production.

See the bigger picture

A holistic approach is needed, so that the entire department and the processes that are running, can step up and raise the bar. To achieve this, we require new thinking. Results-driven, energetic professionals who will take initiative and make far-reaching decisions based on facts.

A shared goal: become better at what we do

In Operations, every day is different. The work is varied and the atmosphere is positive. The pace is dynamic and you will work at the forefront of technology. Many opportunities exist for individuals to influence processes and products and help elevate standards in our quest to become number one in our industry.