Source and supply,

cost-effectively and sustainably

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management at Inalfa are essential components that influence everything we do. To ensure our global organization’s healthy sustainability, we need talented people with a special set of hard and soft skills who are ready to make a difference in these two departments.

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“The right Quality, the right Timing, the right Price”

Increasing savings, enhancing customer relations, improving processes and systems, and transforming Inalfa as we become the global industry leader. Would this be enough of a challenge for you?

Purchasing is vital
At Inalfa, this activity accounts for up to 65% of the company’s turnover. The role is crucial. You will contribute to the department’s goals of achieving yearly savings targets and cost avoidance. More than that, you will improve business processes, support customer expectations, install the right tools and assist the organization to scale along with its rapid growth.

Achieve profitability
To succeed in this challenging international environment, you need the ability to be enthusiastically hands-on, jump fearlessly on a high-speed train and take leadership. You will work with motivated colleagues who are proud of their achievements in bringing in the savings and outperforming themselves year-on-year.

Specialize in materials or projects
Specializing in materials, you will plan, organize, direct and control commodity related purchasing activities and executing the globally aligned strategies. You will have the opportunity to develop into a specialist on a specific commodity.

Focussing on projects, you will manage purchasing within a customer focused project development team, where your goal is to connect the Inalfa processes with the supplier processes and to make sure that the right parts are procured at the right quality, time and price to satisfy internal and external customers. You will see the bigger picture and exchange knowledge with customers and colleagues in various disciplines.

Supply Chain Management

“Unifying the entire process and driving total supply chain savings: One Inalfa, each department working seamlessly with the next.”

Manage costs while you support our company’s growth by ensuring the seamless flow of products and processes according to our one unifying set of global standards. Ready to make a change?

One set of standards, one smooth global operation
Engineering, customer service, planning, inventory and logistics. These are just some of the responsibilities of working in the Supply Chain Management department at Inalfa. The ultimate goal: to support the growth of the company. How? By making sure that the hand-over of new roof projects to operations runs smoothly. And that with standard supply chain organisation, standard processes and standard KPI’s, we reduce the supply chain costs year on year and improve our delivery performance.

Have a great idea? Share it!
This is what is really exciting about SCM at Inalfa: You can really make a difference in this department and develop yourself. There are short communication lines and many opportunities. If you have a good business case for introducing a procedure, you can implement it the next day.

The major challenge
To serve our rapid expansion, Supply Chain Management is making the transition to decentralized execution of SCM tasks in the plant, but tasks that are performed according to global standards. Besides daily operational KPI’s, SCM objectives also involve long-range planning for Inalfa’s future. This includes capacity and budget planning for at least five years ahead. Your thinking should be long-term, always conscious of total landed costs.

Your focus will be on managing the costs of people, inventory and freight. You will help develop Inalfa’s SCM organization according to one set of global processes, standards, controls and KPI’s, which you willl deploy into every region. You will also collaborate closely with all other departments in the complete value chain; taking a total-supply-chain-landed-costs view and working on unifying and improving processes. Through everything you do, you and your colleagues will remain aware of how the actions of each department impact on the others.