Quality is everywhere,

every day

The need for quality determines every behavior, process, system and activity as we work towards becoming the innovation leader in car roof systems.

Working at Inalfa_26
Quality is in our DNA

Our customers are global, which is why it is vital for us to have a global presence and one set of quality standards. We are growing from a regionally organized company to a multinational company. In order to do so successfully, all processes and standards in all our plants must be standardized.

Standardize quality, everywhere

We need bright minds to implement and uphold our four pillars of quality: customer, systems, project quality and Operational Excellence. You will ensure that our global quality standards align with the customer’s expectations and Operational Excellence. You will define processes and promote their usage to internal business owners throughout the regions. Your focus will be on continuous improvement.

Quality is standardized, but the work is varied

This forward-looking focus on “front loading” is part of the attraction of working in the Quality Department of Inalfa. So is the fact that your actions touch every department throughout the organization. By auditing, evaluating and guiding the continuous improvements of various departments, you will get to work alongside professionals from every discipline, all over the world. The work is varied, the environment is challenging and the atmosphere is both pleasant and stimulating.

Evaluate, communicate and unite

To succeed in advancing the quality of Inalfa you need to be able to evaluate objectively. You will live by the belief that quality is non-negotiable and that there can be no compromise in developing the company to a higher level globally. Our work ethic and business approach are focused on the success of the customer, the ultimate judge of quality