Different approaches,

same goal

To maintain our competitive edge, we need to deliver to the customer’s satisfaction. This applies to everything we do, both in Business Development and in Sales.

Working at Inalfa_9
Create, develop and maintain great business relationships

When you work in Business Development, your focus is more on the long term-view, the strategic planning and operational forecasting. You would typically operate on the level of Sales Director. In Sales, your work is more key account driven. Your focus is on the short-term, day-to-day running of the business and negotiating items such as change management with the customer. Here you will deal with matters such as warranty claims, service agreements, changes in production (including cost increases) and finding the best packaging to transport a roof from A to B.


“Being adaptable is more powerful than being tough.”

Your daily focus: improve your margins and enhance your customer relations. To achieve the aims of the department and meet your sales targets, you need to be progressive in your attitude, accurate in your administrative tasks and able to collaborate to get the best out of the team of experts from various departments.

The challenge: ensure profitability and keep the customer satisfied
Our external customers are the top automotive OEMs. They are established industry leaders with proven ways of working. To win and keep their business and their trust; you shouldn’t be rigid about your point of view but need to adapt to their processes. Flexibility beats toughness. You need to get inside your customer’s mind and interpret correctly what they really require when requesting a quote. This is the fun part, and getting it right will give you the competitive edge. Your daily task is to sustain profitability with the customer. And towards the internal customer, this focus may demand 60% of your time. Besides improving the margins, the biggest challenge is to connect and interact with the customer in a sustainable manner.

Bring these skills
Your ability to communicate in a diplomatic way with people on all levels will take you far. You need to have the confidence and courage to be transparent towards your customer under any circumstances. A technical background and a detailed approach will prove useful. So too will the skill of uniting a team to collaborate towards shared objectives. Obviously, you need to be a team player who enjoys the challenges and rewards of the sales field and the hectic pace that makes every day different.

Earn the rewards
The rewards are many. You will work in an international environment, with the most prestigious auto manufacturers, in an inspiring learning culture and a winning atmosphere, with a leading employer who invests in its people.

Business Development

“Generate new business and stabilize profitability in existing business”

Your outlook is long term. You see the bigger picture and plan the overarching strategy for growing the business. Top level discussions and long-term forecasting fill your daily agenda. You keep an eye on market trends, competitive activity and make a point of understanding customers’ ever-changing needs.

Strategize for the long-term
Working in Business Development, you will be the go-between linking customer and Inalfa. You will fill a more strategic role too: You will help analyze, develop and implement global business development into the regional organizations in order to meet our company targets. Creating and sustaining business with the major automotive OEMs globally is the focus of this department. Achieving this serves our greater mission: to be the leading global first tier supplier to the automotive roof systems market.

Skills and attitude
To succeed in this department, you need technical understanding of the product. You will understand the industry and the markets and be flexible to adapt to changing trends and other forces. Accuracy and team-orientation are important. In your customer-facing role, you will be required to interpret and prioritize the customer’s requests (for instance for new technical features). You will be forward-looking, sharing a vision with the customer and taking action when required. Soft skills are valuable in this department: you will be expected to bring people together around shared objectives. A head for analyzing quantitative and qualitative market data is essential.

Service excellence will keep us excelling
In the Business Development department we are constantly attentive to our customer’s needs, which is wht we require the right caliber of service-oriented professional that will help Inalfa achieve the number one position worldwide. We are aiming high and we need right minds to help us achieve the top spot in our industry.