Behind the scenes,

always ahead of change

Talented people are at the core of everything we do. In Human Resources, IT and Finance – as in every other department of Inalfa – our employees are the heart, mind and soul of our business.

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The right people, the best technology and sure-footed financial standing

Recruiting and developing the right people is a crucial process in our organization. Our Human Resources experts are always mindful that we offer careers, not just jobs. To empower our people, we provide on-going training and development. To facilitate results, our IT teams equip and support our staff with IT solutions that are as advanced as the products we make. We are building a sustainable global business. To enable continued growth, our Finance Department deals with diverse daily challenges along the way.


“Enable our internal customers to perform to world-class standards by providing solid HR support.”

We help our internal customers by providing the right talent as well as HR instruments that enable them to drive world-class execution. Do you see yourself here?

Focus on the people-side of our business
HR is the guardian of the Inalfa culture and values. We inspire and support Inalfa’s managers and employees in organizational and personal development by offering professional, unbiased and sincere advice.

Preparing for the future – now!
Our sights are set securely on a future in which Inalfa will be the global leader in our industry. We are expanding fast. With the talented people we are hiring, we support and facilitate our growth. To provide for customer project requirements, we need the foresight and strategy in place to have a workforce that is ready to respond to any challenge.

Challenges for new talent
Inalfa is recognized in the industry as an inspiring place to work. Each individual’s contribution is valued and rewarded, but the challenge exists for the HR Department to ensure we offer a globally standardized set of remuneration and other employee benefits that can nevertheless be adapted to suit regional and cultural differences.

New ways of working – and fresh-thinking people – are needed in the department: optimistic, future-directed people, who are confident, presentable, open and direct with well-developed networking skills and preferably automotive experience.

Training and management by coaching is becoming increasingly important as we build our culture of learning throughout the organization. This is where bright minds can make a difference – in the way we work and in people’s lives.


“One foot in business, one foot in IT”

The IT Department provides the right quality of service and information in the correct sequence so that the business partners can make the best decisions at the right time. Are you the right person for the role?

IT: the business enabler
Our global and local IT teams share a single goal: to support the business of Inalfa with IT solutions. IT empowers the business.

The purpose: add value for the customer
As Inalfa grows from a mid-size company to a global enterprise, the challenges become more and also increasingly diverse. We need bright minds to help us transition from self-developed IT solutions to robust global systems, standardized across all our regions.

We need people to design and maintain proactive information reporting and retrieval, so that the business can put these data to good use more quickly. We need fresh thinking to improve on-going projects. By doing this we will further increase the value for our customers through innovative IT solutions.

A daily stream of interesting challenges
What our IT people find attractive about working here is the focus on lean manufacturing processes, the emphasis on quality and the technology that is absolutely cutting edge. We use standard software systems, all certified by our customers, to collaborate with our business partners and suppliers. You can see the impact of your IT work on other departments almost immediately. For instance, in Supply Chain Management: customers enter their demands electronically and the order is fulfilled electronically. In Design, our IT staff take care of all the CAD systems. The constant stream of projects will keep you challenged every day.

Yes, you can make a difference
We need people who understand the business of Inalfa and how IT can help the business perform better. People who are open, direct, hands-on hard workers and who fit into our Inalfa culture. Part of your role here will always be to integrate IT, making sure all systems and departments are well connected. Inalfa is growing fast, so we need to ensure that IT support will scale globally. Your influence can be significant and quickly implemented, because the lines are short. You will have the advantages of a big company but still be in direct contact with the decision makers.


“Steer the business with the financial facts and figures in your back pocket.”

The pace is fast and every day brings new challenges on the Finance Department. There is never a dull moment in this crucially important department. Do you have the skills and the personal characteristics to make a difference to the bottom line?

Close control is required
Cash management and hands-on business management are key issues requiring qualified expertise in this dynamic department.

An exciting environment
The ever-changing environment and the international nature of the business make it a demanding place to work: you need to comply with many diverse regulations, plan and act in a global context, collaborate with local advisors and deal with regional differences. Because the Finance Department is so dynamic, opportunities are open for individuals to take initiative and make meaningful differences.

Make a difference every step of the way
The Finance Department needs to be involved deeply and early on in the entire business process. It also needs to be globally standardized and process-structured to scale up with with the rapid rate at which we are expanding. This is where you can make a difference in helping to take the department to the next maturity level.

Different talents, same team
To achieve success in this crucial department, you need to be able to translate financial know-how to business information and business requirements. You should demonstrate expertise and confidence to influence and steer the business, while maintaining good relationships with customers as well as colleagues.

Our financial controllers are typically charismatic, diplomatic people-persons who thrive on building relationships. Our accounting staff are hard-core financial experts who work well in a team. Either way, our team members enjoy the fast pace and positive atmosphere of a busy department.