Bright minds unite:

team-thinking starts working

Building a dream car begins with building a dream team. A sharply focused team, where collaboration, respect and talent are as important as the technology. Your kind of team?

Diverse people working as one

Today, every automotive technology attracts a group of specialists, focused on perfecting particular parts and systems of the vehicle, each contributing to the creation of a dream car driving experience. We at Inalfa love this specialist approach, the sharp focus of respected individuals working together as one. Our focus is on building the best automotive roof systems. Our sights are set on being our industry’s worldwide innovation leader. To help us achieve this, we invite forward thinkers who are resilient achievers, team players and hands-on go-getters to find out more about joining our team.

“It’s our spirit that makes the difference”

You will often hear these words expressed at Inalfa. It is not just a company slogan, but a state of mind for all Inalfa employees.  We live by it.  It is a guiding principle in all we do. That’s why we nurture that spirit. It unites us. It enables us to make a difference every day.


Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To be the leading global first-tier supplier to the automotive roof systems market
  2. To be an employer of choice.

In achieving both of these goals, we are guided by our four core values:
Focus – Dedication and commitment to providing quality products through hard work and commitment.
One Inalfa – Working together towards a common goal regardless of department, unit or region.
Respect – Taking care to understand others in order to create a positive work environment.
Transparency – Open and honest communication without hidden agendas.

True to our mission, Inalfa Roof Systems is the world’s fastest growing roof systems supplier for the automotive and truck industry. Rapid growth means challenging career opportunities are open right now for bright minds in a variety of fields.